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Graduation Recital

Jamile Nogueira - Piano Teacher

Piano TeacherJamile Nogueira began music lessons at age 3. She was taught the Italian Methodology (Solfege), and graduated in 1984 in Piano Performance, Theory and Harmony. In 1990, Mrs. Jami received her B.A. in Piano Performance from Catholic University.

In 1998, a M.A. in Music from F.A.U., and a Teaching Certificate from the Center for Music and Young Children, Princeton, N.J. She is in the Honor Roll of the American College of Musician since 1998 and is part of the Guild's Board of Judges.

Some of her students have attained high prizes in piano competitions and non competitive events. She presents the Musicmakers’s Master Class Program and is connected to more than a hundred students and their families.

"Dear Ms. Jamile,
"Enrolling my daughter at Usmusicmakers was one of the best parenting decisions I made. She studied piano with Ms. Jamile for two years and it helped develop her self-confidence, language skills, and interpersonal skills. Ms. Jamile is a warm, patient, and talented teacher who is well versed on the developmental milestones to set appropriate expectations for her students. I highly recommend her as she is a great motivator who will inspire your children.Martine Alexis
"If you are looking into a warm environment and excellent skills for your kids to learn music, look no further! Musicamakers in Pompano is one of the best! The instructors are so knowledgeable. All my three kids had piano lessons with Jamile and I thank her for all their superb base. The kids learn the real piano lessons, not just imitating music, but also to read music. We moved to Vermont, otherwise, my kids would still be playing at Musicmakers! Excelence is not for everyone, but Jamile is definitely an exception! I highly recommend this place.”Ana Paula Alexandrescu
"I took piano lessons with Jamile for 9 years and still use everything I learned with her today. The education quality is superb and she truly cares about you and your experience. Everything I learned about music theory and piano are invaluable!”Andrea Bonorandi
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